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Specialising in wells equipment assurance, management systems development, engineering integrity assurance, QHSE auditing and a range of other LRQA certified services, we have a proven and successful track record in the oil and gas Industry and other related sectors in the UK and overseas. Our aim is to create a global hub for the provision of our services, one that operates 24/7, across 4 continents providing efficient and effective support to our Client’s businesses.

Awarded for our innovation in wells equipment assurance, we are applying leading technology to enhance our unique U-AIM approach, creating a unique product which enables us to interface with our Clients on a ‘real time’ basis and assure well equipment integrity in a faster, more cost effective manner.

We have many exciting opportunities and are looking for a wide range of highly motivated and dedicated personnel to help build and drive our business growth.

If you would like to join our team please contact us via Linked In or through the Careers page on this website.

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